Centers & Research Cores

About the MPRINT Hub Centers

There are three parts and six cores to the MPRINT Hub. The first part is the Indiana University-Ohio State University Data and Model Knowledge and Research Coordination Center (IU-OSU DMKRCC).

Diagram of the teams showing IU-OSU MPRINT-DMKRCC lead by MPI’s Quinney and Li in the middle of a circle. Five teams ring the circle: Logistics Core (Quinney and Li; Knowledgeable and Portal Core (Li); Real World Evidence Core (Mendonca/Bartlett); Outreach Core (Quinney); Pharmacometrics and Clinical Trial Design Core (Mies and Quinney).

The DMKRCC serves as the administrative core of the MPRINT Hub and provides expertise in pharmacometrics and clinical trial design. It also supports real-world data analysis, and will collate data related to maternal and pediatric pharmacology into an openly accessible knowledgebase.

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Then there are two Centers of Excellence in Therapeutics (CETs). The Vanderbilt University CET and the University of California San Diego CET support innovative translational research programs aimed to enhance precision pharmacology in maternal and pediatric populations.