UCSD Center of Excellence

Optimization of Antibiotics in Mothers and Their Breastfed Infants Using Pharmacomicrobiomic and Metabolomic Analyses

The UC San Diego MPRINT CET brings together a team of highly experienced and proven collaborative investigators with leadership roles in maternal and pediatric clinical pharmacology, fundamental research methods and technologies.

Across its highly integrated and synergistic components, the UCSD MPRINT CET addresses critical barriers in maternal-infant pharmacology regarding

  1. The pharmacokinetics of infant exposure to maternal antibiotic treatment via breastmilk or close contact
  2. The impact of maternal antibiotic therapy or prophylaxis on establishment of the normal infant microbiome and gut metabolome
  3. Potential downstream effects of such antibiotic exposure on infant immune function and hepatic cytochrome P450 drug metabolizing enzymes, and
  4. the pivotal role of breast milk both as a conduit for antibiotic transfer and source of beneficial human/mammalian milk oligosaccharides (HMOs/MMOs) that may support microbiome and immune integrity in face of antibiotic stress.