Dr. Antoon is an NIH funded clinical and health services researcher with a program focused on pharmacoepidemiology and medication safety in the pediatric population. As a physician-scientist, Dr. Antoon designs and conducts pragmatic clinical trials and population-based observational studies, with a focus on the treatment of respiratory viruses (e.g. influenza, COVID-19, RSV) in children. He evaluates the relationship between serious adverse events and medication exposures, as well as determining the role of drug-drug interactions and underlying infections in the development of serious adverse events in children. Dr. Antoon’s recent studies have investigated medication-related neurologic and psychiatric adverse events, severe cutaneous adverse reactions (e.g, Stevens Johnson Syndrome), and anaphylactic reactions, among others. Dr. Antoon is currently the principal investigator of a randomized clinical trial evaluating penicillin allergy risk stratification and delabeling of low risk patients in the hospital setting.